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Section 16  : Chemistry for living organisms and medicinal chemistry. Design and properties of compounds of biological interest



- Design, synthesis, analysis and properties of biologically relevant molecules
- Chemical Biology: chemistry to explore living systems
- Design of molecular tools for medicinal chemistry
- Bio-organic, bio-inorganic and bio-guided chemistry
- Synthetic methodologies for biomolecules and bioactive molecules
- In-vivo chemistry
- Natural products: extraction, characterization and synthesis
- Enzymology, bio-catalysis, bioengineering
- Targeted biomolecular systems, vectorization
- Optical and magnetic spectroscopies, mass spectrometry, diffraction methods, imaging methods
- Structure, dynamics and molecular mechanisms of biomolecules
- Bioinformatics and modelling applied to bioactive molecules
- Molecular aspects of ecotoxicology and chemical ecology

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