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Section 17  :Solar system and distant universe



Themes: Gravitation, cosmology and galactic physics; high-energy astrophysics; physics and chemistry of interstellar matter; stellar physics; planetology; exoplanetology; solar and heliospheric physics

Objects: primordial Universe, cosmic web and large-scale structures; galaxies, galactic centre; compact objects, astroparticles, gravitational waves; stellar populations; astrophysical plasmas, interstellar media; stars, stellar systems, disks and exoplanets, planets and small bodies; the Sun

Concepts and processes: physical and chemical processes in astrophysics; space-time reference systems, gravitation theory; experimental and observational tests; the nature of dark matter and dark energy; cosmological modelling and parameterisation; multi-messenger astrophysics and astrophysical counterparts of gravitational waves; galactic archaeology; the origins, structure, dynamics, evolution and age of astrophysical objects; comparative planetology; exobiology and conditions for the emergence of life; space weather; virtual observatory

Methods: observation, analysis and theoretical and numerical modelling of astrophysical objects; laboratory astrophysics and astrochemistry;
instrumentation for large terrestrial and space observatories; digital tools, high-performance computing, highperformance data analysis; databases, catalogues

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