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Section 30  :Continental Surface and Interfaces



Functional ecology, dynamics and functioning of continental (including urban), littoral and coastal ecosystems
Functional ecology of marine ecosystems
Processes in the critical zone at all spatial and temporal scales: matter and energy fluxes and transfers, morphology, alteration and erosion
Hydrology, hydrogeology and geomorphology
Ecotoxicology and ecodynamics of contaminants
Microbial ecology and environmental microbiology
Geochemistry, biogeochemistry and physicochemistry of surfaces and interfaces, cycles of elements
Paleoecology and paleoenvironments of the Pleistocene, Holocene and Anthropocene
Remote sensing, geophysics and imagery of surface and subsurface processes
Restoration, mitigation and ecological engineering
Environmental hazards, vulnerabilities and risks
Instrumental development, new tools to respond to environmental problems
Indicators of the state, process and functioning of ecosystems
Environmental resources and sustainability

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