© Jérôme CHATIN/CNRS Photothèque

The 'Diadem' (materials) exploratory PEPR


 The aim of the 'Diadem' (materials) exploratory PEPR is to speed up the design and commercialisation of more sustainable materials with better performance levels, particularly achieved using artificial intelligence. The programme is based on platforms that are initially dedicated to strategic classes of materials. This should make it possible to reduce the identification cycle for such materials from 20 years to between 4 and 10 years.

The programme's structure is based on the installation of permanent high-level facilities in France through the creation of the 'Open Materials Discovery Hub' which is a network of four coordinated platforms spread throughout France. The PEPR will be completed by three calls for projects aimed at the whole of the large French materials and AI community and a call dedicated to the initial and ongoing training of French scientists in this field.