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The 'Ensemble' (collaborative digital tools) exploratory PEPR

The 'Ensemble' (Future of Digital Collaboration) programme's aim is to fundamentally redefine digital collaboration tools. The recent pandemic has shown the possibilities and conversely the limitations of current tools for digitally mediated collaboration. The challenges of the 21st century will call for an unprecedented scale change in the speed and volume of exchanges whether to reduce travel, better network the territory or effectively face up to the problems and transformations the coming decades will bring,
The 'Ensemble' project is of dual importance in terms of sovereignty and of its societal dimension. Its objective is to enable new actors to put forward solutions adapted to usage requirements and by creating the right conditions for interoperability between communication and sharing services. Such conditions should open up the 'walled gardens' that require all participants to use the same services.

  • Programme leaders: CNRS, INRIA, University of Grenoble-Alpes, Paris-Saclay University
  • Partners: Institut Mines-Télécom, Sorbonne University, Université Claude-Bernard-Lyon 1, University of Lille, Université Toulouse III