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The 'Numpex' (software building blocks for future 'exascale machines') exploratory PEPR

The 'Numpex' (Digital – Numérique - for Exascale) programme's objectives are to design and develop the software building blocks required to equip future 'exascale machines' and to prepare the major application domains that aim to fully exploit the capabilities of such machines for scientific research and industry alike. This project is part of France's response to the next EuroHPC call for expressions of interest (Projet Exascale France) in hosting one of the two major exascale machines planned in Europe for 2024.
In this way 'Numpex' will contribute to the creation of a set of tools, software, applications and training which will enable France to remain one of the leaders in the field of international competition through its national Exascale ecosystem that is in step with European strategy.

  • Programme leaders: CEA, CNRS, INRI