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The 'OneWater' (water) exploratory PEPR

The 'OneWater – Water as a Common Good' exploratory PEPR is working in the context of global change which has exacerbated pressures on water and in which water resources are clearly one of the 21st century's major challenges. The programme aims to position research into water resources at the heart of the sustainable transition of territories.

This programme is organised to work on major scientific and technical challenges such as anticipating how water resources will evolve to facilitate adaptation, the transition towards a new governance of resources for a sustainable and resilient society and using water as a an alert regarding human societies and the environment.
The programme has been structured to include calls for projects open to the whole French scientific community, to stimulate new approaches and transdisciplinary collaborations and to lift barriers linked to the programmes' stated challenges and the interactions between these. It will involve targeted projects on subjects defined as priorities to structure practical shared tools and develop protocols that can be used by as many people as possible along with facilities and action plans in education through research.