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The 'Bridge' (south-west Indian Ocean) exploratory PEPR

The dual aim of the 'Bridge' PEPR is to strengthen France's image and sovereignty in the south-west Indian Ocean and to strengthen multilateral dialogue. Such work is in the framework of a scientific approach to diplomacy and aims for a paradigm change through the development of a systemic and innovative vision for the management of the common good.
It will adopt an innovative approach based on networking socio-ecosystems and on interdisciplinary, multisectoral and equitable regional collaboration initiatives. It thus aims to increase the French territories' knowledge, capacity for anticipation, joint management, preservation and, indeed, resilience regarding the coming environmental and socio-economic changes.

  • Programme leaders: CNRS, IFREMER, IRD
  • Partners: Météo France, University Training and Research Centre Mayotte (CUFR), University of Reunion Island, Centre for Strategic Studies of the French Navy, French Marine Universities Network, Institute for International and Strategic Affairs, National Natural History Museum, French Southern and Antarctic Lands