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The 'Autonomy' (ageing and disability) PPR

The 'Autonomy' (ageing and disability) PPR should make it possible to formulate significant answers to key scientific questions aimed at improving public autonomy policies. This PPR also represents an opportunity to continue work on structuring a national, interdisciplinary research community ranging from the human and social sciences to the engineering sciences, the digital sphere, etc. and on that community's infrastructures.

To achieve this, the PPR's Scientific Council has identified four scientific challenges to work on – to define the notion of autonomy (challenge 1), to study the formulation of public policies (challenge 2), to study situations and experiences of becoming autonomous and of autonomy being reduced (challenge 3), to study the design, reception and usages of innovative tools and experiments (challenge 4).

The programme includes the launches of two ANR calls for projects. The first will cover challenges 1 and 2 (€7M – finished) while the second deals with challenges 3 and 4 (€19M – planned launch in November 2022).