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Christophe BesseDirector of the National Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Christophe Besse is a specialist in partial differential equations and numerical analysis. As a researcher he first focused on the study of numerical schemes for dispersive equations of the nonlinear Schrödinger type before moving on to the development of relevant boundary conditions for this type of equation and their application within domain decomposition methods. He also worked on modelling in relation to plasma physics problems before more recently turning to other subjects like the effect of sublinear damping on conservation laws, the scientific visualisation of data from high-order simulations, the calculation of solutions related to quantum graphs or using metric graphs to display the propagation of epidemics. He was recently invited to the Beijing Computational Science Research Centre and Harbin University in China and the University of Singapore.


  • To lead the network of mathematical laboratories and enhance the worldwide influence of French mathematics
  • To conduct a national mathematical research policy
  • To promote the excellence of theories and the emergence of new themes while encouraging all interactions linked to the field of mathematics

Scientific themes

  • Mathematics
  • Interactions with other scientific disciplines
  • Interactions with companies and society 

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