Hugues de La Giraudière
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Hugues de La GiraudièreHead of Human Resources

After joining the Ecole Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr military academy in 1987, Hugues de La Giraudière served in the French army as an officer of the Troupes de Marine corps from 1990 to 2003. He then joined the CGA (Contrôle Général des Armées) and spent the next four years conducting surveys and audits on organisational matters and human resources. In 2007 he joined the HR Department of the Ministry of Defence, where he served successively as deputy director of military functions, deputy director of management of military and civilian human resources, and deputy director of general policy, research and foresight. He was then named social advisor to the Minister of Defence and Veterans Affairs (2011-2012) and later deputy director of Human Resources of the Ministry of Defence, before taking over in September 2012 as coordinator of the human resources control unit at the CGA. He has been its secretary general since 2014.


The DRH is in charge of determining and implementing the CNRS's strategic orientations in human resources and liaising with the organization's personnel. In close cooperation with the DSFIM, it handles the preparation of the budget and supervises payroll and employment. It oversees the support to and promotion of human resources, as well as the regulatory management of staff members. It acts as legal expert and advisor in its specialized area and is responsible for data administration and project management for information systems.

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