The Board of Trustees


When requested by the CNRS's Scientific Board and following its lead, the Board of Trustees provides analysis to set the broad outlines of CNRS policy in response to the cultural, economic and social requirements of the whole French nation. It defines the principles governing the CNRS's relations with its socio-economic partners, universities and national, foreign and international organisations working in its fields of activity.
More particularly, the Board deliberates on general measures relating to the organisation and operation of the CNRS (particularly the creation of departments or offices), the budget and amendments thereto, the multi-year contract between the CNRS and the State, the annual activity report, financial accounts, social action policy, loans, the creation of subsidiaries and the acquisition, sale or extension of financial holdings.
The Board of Trustees defines the operating conditions of the CNRS's external evaluation committee and its ethics committee.
All resolutions are passed by majority vote.


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See decree no. 82-993 dated November 24th 1982, as amended, on the organisation and operation of the CNRS.

Composition (2021-2025)

Chairman of meetings

  • Mr Antoine PETIT, Chairman and CEO

Representatives of the State

  • Ms Claire GIRY, Director General for Research and Innovation at the Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation.
    Deputy: Cyril MOULIN, head of the funding performance and research organisations contracts department at the General Directorate for Research and Innovation.
  • Ms Anne-Sophie BARTHEZ, Director General of Higher Education and Professional Integration (DGESIP).
    Deputy: Caroline OLLIVIER-YANIV, coordinator of the college of scientific advisers at the General Directorate for Higher Education and Professional Integration (DGESIP).
  • Mr Alban HAUTIER, head of the 3rd Budget Sub-Directorate.
    Deputy: Agathe ROLLAND.

Representative of 'France Universités'

  • Guillaume GELLE, President of 'France Universités'.

Scientific personalities

  • Mr Jean Dalibard, Professor at the Collège de France's Physics Institute.
  • Ms Nathalie DOMPNIER, President of Université Lumière Lyon 2.
  • Ms Fabiola GIANOTTI, Director General of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN).
  • Mr Bruno MAQUART, President of Universcience.

Personalities representing the world of work

  • Mr Marko ERMAN, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) with Thales.
  • Ms Alexandra PRIEUX, President of Alcediag, founder of SkillCell.
  • Ms Hélène VALADE, LVMH Environmental Development Director.
  • Ms Hélène CAZAUX-CHARLES, Council of State.

Personalities from the economic sphere

  • Mr Paul-François FOURNIER, Executive Vice-President in charge of innovation.
  • Mr Benjamin Bertrand, Chairman of Cardiawave.
  • Mr Nicolas CUDRE-MAUROUX, Director of Research and Innovation, Solvay Group.
  • Sophie PATURLE GUESNEROT, managing partner and co-founder of Demeter Partners.

Elected members (unions)

  • Mr Boris GRALAK (SNCS-FSU).
  • Claudia ZLOTEA (SGEN-CFDT).
  • Pierre-Yves SAILLANT (SGEN-CFDT).
  • Ms Constantina BACALEXI (SNTRS-CGT).

Members with advisory status

  • Ms Dorothée BERTHOMIEU, Chair of the Scientific Board.
  • Mr Christophe COUDROY, Deputy CEO for Resources.
  • Mr Jean-Luc MOULLET, Deputy CEO for Innovation.
  • Mr Alain SCHUHL, Deputy CEO for Science.
  • Mr Marc DAVY, Budget Controller.
  • Ms Ghislaine BALA, Accounts and Financial Information Department (DCIF).

Present at all meetings of the Board of Trustees

  • Ms Marie-Pauline GACOIN, Principal Private Secretary.
  • Mr Eric LANCIAUX, director of human resources.
  • Ms Sabine DELIGNE, director of the Financial Strategy, Real Estate and Modernisation Department (DFSIM).
  • Ms Valérie HOSPITAL, director of the Legal Affairs Department (DAJ).
  • Ms Catherine DELPECH, DAJ, head of the board of trustees, resources and elections department (CARE).
  • Ms Claire GALLOUX, CARE.

Terms and conditions

The operating procedures of the Board of Trustees are governed by regulatory texts, particularly:

CNRS Board of Trustees schedule


  • Tuesday March 15th
  • Friday June 17th
  • Friday October 21st
  • Friday December 16th


  • Friday February 10th
  • Tuesday March 14th
  • Friday June 16th
  • Friday October 20th
  • Friday December 15th


Consult the minutes of meetings.


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