2017, a year at the CNRS

The CNRS 2017 Activity Report presents a selection of results from the scientific research conducted in its laboratories, most often in collaboration with universities, research organisations, prestigious higher-education institutions, companies, or foreign research bodies. This document also highlights the CNRS’s strategy in terms of technology transfer, partnerships, and the modernisation of its management.

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CNRS : pushing back the frontiers of knowledge

Appeal for the promotion of high-level research in Europe

The excellence of European research is essential to meet societies’ growing expectations with regard to the present and future challenges that they face. To emphasize this need and the urgent necessity to take it into account, the presidents of the CNRS and Max Planck Gesellschaft (MPG) brought together on March 7 the presidents and senior representatives of major European universities, Eastern European science academies, and prestigious research organisations, alongside representatives from industrial groups.

A joint appeal was signed for the promotion of European research, which forms the basis of Europe's competitiveness, productivity, and prosperity.

A white paper will soon be issued, featuring all of the participants' contributions.

The scientific evaluation of the CNRS

On January 18, 2017, CNRS President Alain Fuchs presented to the press the CNRS scientific evaluation report, in the presence of Thierry Mandon, French Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research, Michel Cosnard, President of the High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education (HCERES), and Rémi Quirion, Chief Scientist of the Government of Quebec (Canada) and chairman of the international visiting committee that conducted the evaluation.

This report can be viewed here, along with the three working documents that the CNRS management made available to the visiting committee: a presentation of the organisation (the CNRS in figures), the CNRS self-assessment, and prospective elements. The CNRS evaluation report formulates a number of recommendations that will serve as a basis for a CNRS action plan for years to come.

The CNRS, an actor committed to technology transfer

The CNRS receives the “HR Excellence in Research” award

On February 10, 2017, the CNRS received the European Commission’s “HR Excellence in Research” award for its Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R). It was recognised for its participation in the construction of the European Research Area, and for the quality of its human resources policy for researchers. With its HRS4R action plan, the CNRS commits itself to continuously improving the implementation of the recommendations of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.