Each year the CNRS rewards those who contributed the most to its influence and to research advances. CNRS scientists are in fact regularly awarded the highest international distinctions. At the European level, the organisation is also the leading beneficiary of the ERC programme, for which excellence is the only selection criterion.

Talents CNRS

Each year, the CNRS medals celebrate the researchers and officials for their outstanding contributions to the organisation’s vitality and reputation.

  • The gold medal honours the body of research of a renowned scientific figure.
  • The medal of innovation recognises outstanding research in the technological, therapeutic, economic, or societal fields.
  • The silver medal is awarded, as their careers take off, to researchers who are already recognised at the national and international levels.
  • The bronze medal is given in recognition of the initial work of a promising researcher in their field.
  • The crystal medal rewards CNRS engineers, technicians, and administrative staff.

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International distinctions

The CNRS has a long tradition of excellence, which began with Jean Perrin, its founder and the 1926 Nobel laureate in physics. Many researchers recognised by the highest international distinctions have worked in CNRS laboratories at one moment of their career or another.

Obtaining an ERC grant, why not you?

The CNRS is the leading beneficiary of individual research grants given by the European Research Council to scientists from across the globe.