Machine bayésienne associant 2048 memristors et 30 080 transistors, conçu par le CNRS (C2N, IM2NP) et fabriqué par le CEA-LETI. © Damien Querlioz / CNRS

The 'Electronics' acceleration PEPR

Electronics is a core issue regarding the digital functionalities of products and services in our societies. It is also becoming a strategic issue with a strong risk of foreign manufacturers or other countries taking control of the sector.
This is why the French government has made electronics a priority choice in its national strategy for technological and industrial research and development. The CNRS and the CEA have been mandated to manage this PEPR aimed at generating innovations to accelerate growth and relocate the manufacturing of certain products to France or Europe.
The programme's priority themes are:

  • Digital perception 
  • Electronics for conversion
  • Telecommunication components
  • Electronics for computing


  • Programme co-leaders: CNRS / CEA
  • Budget: €86M