© Jean-Claude MOSCHETTI / ISCR / CNRS Photothèque

The 'Decarbonated Hydrogen' acceleration PEPR

The 'H2' PEPR is part of France's national low-carbon hydrogen strategy. It supports upstream R&D activities (TRLs 1 to 4) by exploring new directions likely to lead to breakthrough innovations of interest as regards the strategy but also as support tools for industry. The PEPR focuses on issues involving the production, storage and transport of carbon-free hydrogen and also its usage for heavy mobility. Work will also be carried out to support rolling out hydrogen systems through life cycle analyses and studies of technical and socio-economic issues and safety aspects.

Currently, the programme has been structured around 7 targeted projects and 10 projects resulting from a call for projects covering the hydrogen sector's entire value chain.

The 'H2' PEPR will involve more than 170 permanent scientists from the CNRS and its partners and will train over 100 PhD students and 70 post-docs.