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Carolyn ScheurleAdopting the ocean

CNRS Scientific Mediation

After interdisciplinary training in geosciences, which she practiced as part of international organizations, Carolyn Scheurle, the coordinator of the Ocean Culture team at the Villefranche Marine Institute1 , naturally turned toward mediation: "My goal is to build a bridge between science and the non-academic world, and to establish a relation between society and oceans," explains the Research Engineer at Sorbonne Université. The Adopt a Float educational programme is one of the actions she developed to this end. Thanks to her, over 2,000 youth around the globe have already adopted, along with their classes, an underwater robot from the OneArgo scientific programme, managed by Ifremer and co-led by the CNRS. They follow their robot in real time during its "voyage" in the ocean, with the help of educational resources that are constantly being expanded. "Our approach presents the concrete process of science, and reveals the ocean's importance in the regulation and evolution of the climate. It also emphasizes the need to study it, in order to better understand how it functions and to better protect it," assures Scheurle.

  • 1CNRS/Sorbonne Université.