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Céline VallotA new avenue in the fight against cancer

CNRS medal of innovation

In numerous cases of cancer, tumour progression and resistance processes cannot be explained by DNA mutations. This is why Céline Vallot and her team are concentrating on non-genetic – and especially epigenetic – mechanisms, which can explain the adaptability of cancer cells. She co-developed two families of patents and two software programs, enabling interactive and rapid analysis of cell data by individuals with no special computational skills, such as biologists and physicians seeking new therapeutic targets. The CNRS research professor, who is part of the Dynamics of Genetic Information: Fundamental Bases and Cancer laboratory (CNRS / Institut Curie / Sorbonne Université), founded the start-up One Biosciences, which aims to become a global leader in precision medicine for complex diseases. “Innovation goes hand in hand with research. It is interdisciplinary by nature, and helps to raise new questions, break down silos, and remain competitive,” she asserts.

Céline Vallot, a new avenue in the fight against cancer