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Christelle RoyDirector of the European Research and International Cooperation Department

Since joining the CNRS, Christelle Roy has carried out research into subatomic physics at particle colliders in the framework of major European and international collaboration projects. In 2011, she was appointed director of the Hubert Curien Pluridisciplinary Institute in Strasbourg before joining the CNRS management in November 2020 as a project manager for Europe in the Scientific Office (DGDS). Between 2017 and 2021 Christelle Roy was the vice-president for Strategies and Development under the presidency of Michel Deneken and was in charge of strategic long-term projects.


The European Research and International Cooperation Department coordinates all the CNRS's activities aimed at structuring and consolidating the research area in the European Union working in close collaboration with the CNRS office in Brussels. It also implements the tools required to support bilateral, European or international partnerships in the framework of the CNRS's international cooperation policy. The DERCI supports research units that develop structuring projects with partner organisations and universities in other countries.

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