Francesca GrassiaGeneral Secretary of the National Committee

The mission of the General Secretariat (SGCN) 

The National Committee General Secretariat (SGCN) assists all the governing bodies and works to continually improve the processes used to carry out their missions. The SGCN supports the work of the National Committee with consulting, prospective studies, assessment of researchers and so forth. In this way it guarantees the governing bodies involved function correctly and also accompanies their development in collaboration with CNRS management, the Institutes and other scientific research stakeholders.
Missions of the SGCN:

  • to organise processes related to consulting, prospective studies and the individual assessment of researchers in compliance with the relevant regulations;
  • to supervise the governing bodies;
  • legal and regulatory monitoring;
  • to disseminate the work of the National Committee;
  • to act as the contracting authority for information systems related to the processes.

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