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Frédéric VilliérasDirector of the National Programmes Mission (MiPN)

Frédéric Villiéras is a trained geological engineer and joined the CNRS in 1993 as a researcher at the Laboratoire Environnement et Minéralurgie (Lem) in Nancy. His research focuses on the surface properties of divided solids and porous materials - particularly clays and clay minerals. In this context, he studies adsorption mechanisms on heterogeneous surfaces and the links with the crystalline properties and shapes of minerals.

In 2009 he directed the Federation of Water-Soil-Earth Research which was transformed into an Observatory of the Sciences of the Universe (Osu) and the Université de Lorraine's scientific clusters in 2012. He coordinated and set up the 'Ressources21' Laboratory of Excellence (LabEx) in the Lorraine region which studies the strategic metals for the energy and digital transition. From October 2014 until May 2022, he occupied the post of vice-president of the scientific council of the Université de Lorraine where he was in charge of research, research promotion and doctoral studies.

Frédéric Villiéras is the Director of the National Programmes Mission (MiPN) set up on January 1st 2023.

Missions de la Mission programmes nationaux (MiPN)

En lien avec les instituts, les délégations régionales et les directions fonctionnelles du CNRS, la MiPN coordonne le suivi des programmes nationaux, l'animation des directrices et directeurs de programmes, des managers de programmes, des chargées et chargés de valorisation et de communication. La MiPN apporte aussi un support aux directrices et directeurs de programme pour la mise en œuvre et le pilotage de leur programme et coordonnera la prospective pour la proposition éventuelle de nouveaux programmes nationaux.