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Jean Claude AmeisenThe Special Scientific Mediation Prize: On the shoulders of giants

CNRS Scientific Mediation

"We can see further on the shoulders of giants."

Every Saturday for over 10 years, on his France Inter radio show, Jean Claude Ameisen has explored humanity as it faces a changing world. His show, On Darwin's Shoulders, which had a weekly audience of more than 1.5 million listeners and was recognized by multiple prizes, focused on eclectic subjects ranging from the theory of evolution to the most recent scientific research, in conjunction with texts by writers, scientists, artists, and poets. "Feeling enables us to understand better, and understanding enables us to feel better," reveals the doctor, immunologist, and recognized specialist in programmed cell death, who is the former director of Inserm Unit U415 at l'Institut Pasteur in Lille, and the Honorary President of the National Advisory Committee for Ethics (CCNE). He is the author of La sculpture du vivant. Le suicide cellulaire ou la mort créatrice. "I believe that science should be a fully-fledged part of our culture, like the arts and philosophy," he advocates, in addition to his scientific commitments and his ethical thinking.