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Marie GailleDirector of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences

Marie Gaille is a philosopher by training and a CNRS research professor who belongs to the Sphere - Sciences, Philosophie, Histoire laboratory (CNRS/University of Paris/University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne) which specialises in the history and philosophy of science. She works on the relationship between medicine, anthropology and philosophy, particularly focusing on the experience of illness and the normative dimensions of medical decisions particularly those involving the beginning or end of life and the links between health, pathology and the living environment. As a logical extension of her research, she co-chairs the national interdisciplinary platform for end-of-life research with Régis Aubry and coordinates the CNRS initiative on health and environmental crises.


Research at Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences (INSHS) laboratories constructs theories and analytical tools that are essential to explain and clarify the choices made by our societies. This research focuses on the study of humans which considered them to be the product of history, the creators of languages and signs, vectors of knowledge and cultures and actors in complex political, social and economic worlds. The INSHS's main role in the French humanities and social sciences landscape is to ensure that new fields of experience and thought emerge through the work of its laboratories.

Scientific themes

  • Ancient and medieval worlds
  • Modern and contemporary worlds
  • Language science 
  • Philosophical and philological science, art science
  • Sociology and legal science
  • Economics and management
  • Anthropology and comparative study of contemporary societies
  • Spaces, territories and societies
  • Politics, power and organisation

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