Portrait de Philippe Gasnot
© Franck Juery / CNRS Phototheque

Philippe GasnotDirector of Security Department (DIRSU)

An aeronautical engineer with degrees from the French Air Force Academy and War College, Philippe Gasnot began his career as a pilot of military transport aircraft in the French Air Force. Rising to the rank of air commodore, he served as commander of the Toulouse air base and commander of France's ministerial air transport services. At the Ministry of Defense, he has held the position of assistant director of “Defense,  Technology and Proliferation policy, before becoming deputy director of the Strategic Affairs Delegation (2003-2008), the ministry’s think tank. He ended his military career as commander of the French Air Support bBrigade (BAAP) from 2009 to 2012. Named CNRS defense and security officer in September 2012, he has also been director of the DIRSU since January 2014.


The Security Department (DIRSU) implements the risk management and prevention policy against deliberate attacks against CNRS personnel or assets, both tangible and intangible. Its missions are closely linked to the functions of the defense and security officer (FSD), a position held by the director of the DIRSU. The department comprises:

  • the CNRS chief information security officer (RSSIC), reporting to the director of the DIRSU and specifically in charge of the security of data and of all information systems and networks;
  • the CNRS national security advisor for the transport of dangerous goods (TMD), who advises all CNRS entities, and its partners when necessary, on the actions and procedures to be taken for the transport of any dangerous substances. To this end, he also monitors national and international regulations;
  • the economic intelligence consultant, responsible for implementing the CNRS economic intelligence policy within the framework of the national economic intelligence policy, in cooperation with the corresponding government authorities.

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