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Pierre NassoyA plethora of quality stem cells

CNRS medal of innovation

Pierre Nassoy, a plethora of quality stem cells

For Pierre Nassoy, interesting findings stem from encounters. Firstly between disciplines, as illustrated by the physical chemistry approaches that the CNRS research professor applies to living things. Secondly between skills, for he believes that “successfully completing a technology transfer project requires research with potential, but also the will to develop it. Nothing is done alone.” At the Photonics, Numerical, and Nanosciences Laboratory (CNRS / Institut d’Optique Graduate School / Université de Bordeaux) in Talence (southwestern France), he focuses on future therapies based on stem cells – to treat tumours and Parkinson’s disease in particular – and files an increasing number of patents. Thanks to a CNRS prematuration programme, whose “support proved crucial”, his company TreeFrog Therapeutics is one of the most noted and prize-winning French start-ups of recent times, both nationally and internationally. The company uses its disruptive technology to reliably produce a large quantity of very high-quality stem cells, and just opened a first subsidiary in the United States.

Pierre Nassoy, a plethora of quality stem cells (in french)