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  • Transferring the best inventions that grew out of public research toward the market is one of the CNRS’s missions. With over 1,400 active companies created on the basis of research results emerging from laboratories under its supervisory authority, the CNRS has established itself as a crucial player in French deeptech.


  • Presented this year at the CNRS stand: innovations from ten start-ups that grew out of laboratories under its supervisory authority, specializing in the fields of quantum technology, sustainable development, health, and energy.


  • The programme at the CNRS stand features: a series of talks including one by Alain Aspect, winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics and Senior Researcher Emeritus at the CNRS.


Visit the CNRS stand at Pavillion 1 J47, Paris Expo Porte de Versailles.

Visit the CNRS from 14-17 June in Paris at the Vivatech gathering. Working closely with the SATT Network, the CNRS is highlighting ten start-ups that will present their innovations responding to the major challenges of today and tomorrow in the fields of energy, health, sustainable development, and quantum technology. At the CNRS stand you will have the opportunity to attend a discussion between Alain Aspect, winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize for Physics, and Antoine Petit, Chairman and CEO of the CNRS, as well as other original round-tables that help grasp how research personnel and companies emerging from laboratories under CNRS supervisory authority are developing the technologies of the future, thereby enabling society to say one step ahead.

For its fourth participation at Vivatech, the CNRS has decided to showcase technologies that meet challenges in fields that are more relevant than ever. Quantum technologies, health, sustainable development, and energy will be present via the ten companies presented at the CNRS stand, with all of them having grown out of results in fundamental research.

In quantum technology, you can discover the start-up Welinq, which connects quantum processors to one another in order to increase their computing power, in addition to Siquance, which is developing a universal quantum computer, and Exail, which creates high-performance sensors and measuring instruments based on quantum technologies.

Technologies relating to sustainable development will be represented by Cilkoa, which replaces plastic with cellulose in packaging, and Recyc’Elit, which offers a process that can recycle plastic waste, as well as certain textiles.

In the field of health, visitors can discover One Biosciences, which develops new precision medicine thanks to a novel approach using artificial intelligence, Resolve Stroke, which improves care for patients by making high-definition medical imaging accessible, and Mablink Bioscience, which invents biomedicines in the fight against cancer.

Energy is also a leading sector for the creation of start-ups at the CNRS. Spark Cleantech is developing a revolutionary process for producing decarbonized hydrogen, while VHquatrevingtreize produces water current turbines for green and predictable energy.


Also presented at the CNRS stand:

  • Alain Aspect, winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize for Physics and the 2005 CNRS Gold Medal, as well as a CNRS Senior Researcher Emeritus and co-founder of the quantum start-up Pasqal, will speak alongside Antoine Petit, Chairman and CEO of the CNRS, to emphasise the excellence of French public research in quantum technology (and its key role in creating the innovation of the future).


  • Presentations, as part of the series “Innovation and prospectives: CNRS Talks,” will occur each day on various topics such as parity in deeptech, or the launch of new offerings for companies created from scientific discoveries growing out of laboratories under CNRS supervisory authority.


  • The SATT Network, a key CNRS partner in the technology transfer of research results, will present for the first time at this space, notably to give the public an overview of its support offerings for scientists. Of the 10 start-ups presented this year, seven received support from SATTs (technology transfer subsidiaries), which since 2012 have provided public research establishments with a tool for the technology transfer of cutting-edge scientific advances


“As a major actor in French and European research, the CNRS plays a leading role in terms of innovation. This is why we are present at Vivatech, where we are showcasing those of our best research endeavours that, together with our partners, contribute to the creation of deeptech companies. This year, we are also proposing a novel presentation programme to demonstrate, through concrete examples, the close and permanent links between research and innovation,” stresses the CNRS Chairman and CEO Antoine Petit.


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From Wednesday, 14 June to Saturday, 17 June 2023, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Paris Expo Porte de Versailles; pavillions 1 & 2

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CNRS Press Officer