IBIS: More Efficient Battery for Autos and Stationary Power



  • Intelligent Battery Integrated System (IBIS) is a joint corporate and academic research project in France focused on developing a more efficient and less expensive energy storage system
  • IBIS integrates the electric charger and inverter functions into the lithium-ion battery modules replacing them with electronic conversion cards freeing up space in the vehicle and reducing system cost
  • This technology represents a breakthrough for mobile and stationary energy storage and IBIS project team intends to make it commercially available on Stellantis vehicles before the end of this decade


After four years of design, modeling and simulation, a team of 25 people comprised of some CNRS, Stellantis and Saft engineers and  researchers today unveiled an innovative prototype of an energy storage battery that integrates the inverter and charger functions. Integrating the inverter and charger functions creates a battery that is more efficient, which enhances the battery electric vehicle range and is more reliable and less costly. It also frees up room in the vehicle.


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