Flagship events around innovation

The CNRS organises high-visibility events around innovation, intended both for its partners and the general public. In its knowledge dissemination capacity, it also strengthens its position as a hub for and driver of technology transfer.

The Medal of Innovation 

With the Medal of Innovation, which was created in 2011, the CNRS rewards outstanding scientific research that has led to breakthrough technological, therapeutic, or social innovation. Each year, a jury hands out between one and five medals to CNRS researchers and engineers, other research organisations, universities and prestigious higher-education institutions, or industrial players closely involved in research. 

Discover the Medal of Innovation laureates

Jean-Pierre Nozières, Spintronics maestro (in French)

Jean-Pierre Nozières is one of the four 2017 Medal of Innovation winners, along with Raphaèle Herbin, Jean-Marie Tarascon, and Jamal Tazi. Embodying the synthesis between basic research and immediate application, he has become an accomplished entrepreneur. This physicist by training is the founder of the Spintec3 laboratory as well as four start-ups, the most recent of which are less than a year old.


The HSS Innovatives

A series of events organised by the CNRS around themes with strong innovation potential for 2025, the HSS Innovatives forum is a key occasion for strengthening partnerships with socioeconomic actors. It allows laboratories and companies to communicate about their needs and advances in view of future applications and also encourages researcher initiatives in technology transfer activities. The Innovatives touch on various subjects, including the humanities and social sciences, the vehicles of the future, big data, etc.

Innovatives website (in French)

The HSS Innovatives trade fair

During the 2017 HSS Innovatives: presentation of a novel virtual reality system that does not require glasses. © Clément Mahoudeau / CNRS Photo library

The HSS Innovatives trade fair, organised by the CNRS’s Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences, is devoted to technology transfer in the humanities and social sciences. From public decision-making support to serious games and collaborative platforms, researchers propose attractive achievements that are often developed through successful collaboration with businesses, local authorities, and associations.

National Days for Innovation in Health

The National Days for Innovation in Health bring together all members of the health community at the initiative of the French Ministry of Health and Social Affairs as well as Universcience. They encourage the general public to discover the latest scientific advances and technologies in this field, offering demonstrations, workshops, round tables, professional speed dating, conferences, and exhibitions.

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Start-up Connexion

These meetings between investors and researcher-entrepreneurs, which were launched by the Groupe AEF and the CNRS, target start-ups originating from the world of academic research. They identify innovative projects with high economic value, give visibility to budding companies, and facilitate financing.

Start-up Connexion website (in French)

BIOPIC, winner of the 2017 Start-up Connexion award

Vache dans un près
© Thierry  Ryo / Fotolia

The start-up BIOPIC, created by the doctor in physics and farmer Frédéric Roullier, offers a series of intelligent and connected systems and resources to help livestock farmers better manage their activity and improve profitability. It stems from research conducted at the Laboratoire de microélectronique et physique des semi-conducteurs, a joint public-private laboratory. 

Biopic website

Innovation Tuesdays

Innovation Tuesdays, organised by the CNRS and the Club de Paris des Directeurs de l’Innovation, are free inter-institutional conferences. They are open to students from all universities, prestigious higher-education institutions and professional schools who have just completed their training, as well as innovation professionals including directors of innovation, R&D, marketing, and brands along with project directors and managers, researchers, designers, creators, producers, and entrepreneurs. By bringing together such a diversity of actors, these conferences facilitate networking for the many talents needed for innovation. 

Innovation Tuesdays website (in French)