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Martina KnoopDirector of the Mission for Transversal and Interdisciplinary Initiatives (MITI)

Martina Knoop is a German experimental physicist who studied in Tübingen, Germany before carrying out a thesis on the precision spectroscopy of trapped ions in Marseille. In 1995 she was recruited by the CNRS to work at the Physics of the Interactions of Ions and Molecules laboratory (CNRS/Aix-Marseille University) where she is still a research professor. She has also worked on creating and leading a multidisciplinary European network on charged particle trapping. In 2014, she was put in charge of scientific and technical information at the Institute of Physics and then of interdisciplinarity in 2018, taking on the co-presidency of the CNRS equality committee the same year. For more than ten years she has been a member of academic societies particularly in the field of scientific publications and open science and has co-chaired the Committee for Open Science's Publications College since it was set up in 2018. On January 1st 2020, she was appointed Director of the CNRS's Mission for Transversal and Interdisciplinary Initiatives. 


The Mission for Interdisciplinarity is in charge of promoting, driving and coordinating interdisciplinary operations. Based on strategic planning and dialog, and supported by various resources, it initiates actions to promote multidisciplinary research and drive scientific progress. Attentive to new developments on the French research and higher education scene, it works closely with institutional and industrial partners, and contributes to the coordination of the scientific communities within the remit of the ten CNRS Iinstitutes.

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