Sabine DeligneDirector of the Financial Strategy, Real Estate and Modernisation Department (DFSIM)

Following her studies at the ENA (2007-2009). Sabine Deligne became the deputy director for the schools education budget in the financial affairs department of the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sport in 2017. She has also held several budgeting posts with the Ministry of the Armed Forces and the budget management department. 
She initially trained as an engineer and obtained a doctorate from Télécom Paris. Before joining the French administrative authorities, she had a career as a researcher in the field of automatic speech and language processing in research centres in Japan and the United States (IBM T.J. Watson Lab.)


Missions of the DSFIM

The DSFIM's role is to programme, prepare and implement the budget. It links the allocation of resources to achieving objectives, optimises those resources, modernises administrative techniques and implements the CNRS's heritage strategy. It is also in charge of forecasting and implementing strategic orientations in its field and coordinating the CNRS budgetary and financial correspondents' network.

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