, an audiovisual broadcasting platform for mathematics


On Friday 10 December visit,, a new audiovisual broadcasting platform for mathematics and its interactions with other sciences, especially physics, computer science, and biology. The platform already contains over 4,500 videos from mathematical conferences and exchanges, and will continue to expand over the years. Scientists, students, and the general public can now discover mathematics in a new way. It was created by the Centre international de rencontres mathématiques (CNRS/Aix-Marseille Université/Société mathématique de France), the Henri Poincaré Institute (CNRS/Sorbonne Université), the International Centre for Pure and Applied Mathematics (CIMPA), and the Institute for Advanced Scientific Studies (IHÉS)1 .

  • 1The IHES and CNRS are founding members of l’Université Paris Saclay.

The driving force behind the project are the specialists in mathematics and its interactions with other disciplines at the Centre d'accueil et de rencontres mathématiques internationales (Labex Carmin),2 who host leading scientists from across the globe as part of short- and long-term stays. They also regularly organize conferences, seminars, and thematic workshops. By bringing together mathematical research diffused during these events, preserves and shares their scientific and educational value, all while offering the tools needed to conduct high-level documentary research on a video database that is regularly catalogued and expanded.

With over 4,500 videos available for viewing or download on, this unique platforms is home to nearly 3,000 hours of mathematical conferences and exchanges; it centralizes the interventions of more than 2,900 conference presenters in both English and French, a number that will continue to expand and be catalogued according to the metadata associated with them. includes videos intended for well-informed scientists, students, doctoral students, as well as the general public, especially a series of 200 highly-accessible interviews and presentations. The platform is also connected to “MathOverflow,”3 the international professional forum for mathematics researchers: users can ask questions regarding video content directly on this forum. provides the mathematical community with a unique platform for showcasing high-level interventions and conferences. It will continue to expand over the years, and is an invaluable tool for better understanding a research subject, further exploring a particular topic, or discovering scientific research.

  • 2The Carmin Laboratory of Excellence project was selected by the French government’s Investments for the Future programme, under the category of “thematic scientific institutes for hosting world-class researchers.”
  • 3


Alexiane Agullo
CNRS press officer