French SEIS seismometer safe and tight under protective wind and thermal shield


A domed shield has been successfully placed over the InSight lander’s main SEIS scientific instrument to shield it from wind and temperature variations on the surface of Mars.

The InSight mission has reached a new milestone after lowering a dome-shaped shield into position over the French SEIS instrument (Seismic Experiment for Interior Structure) in order to further improve the accuracy of data collected from the surface of Mars. SEIS is now in its final configuration to allow the mission science team to probe the red planet’s deep interior for the first time and seek new clues to how rocky planets form.




Julien Guillaume
CNRS press officer
Pascale Bresson
CNES Press Officer
Raphaël Sart
CNES Press Officer
Sébastien Martignac
CNES Press Officer