G6 common statement on solidarity with the sovereign State of Ukraine


The G6 network, which brings together six major European multidisciplinary research organizations—CNR, CNRS, CSIC, Helmholtz Association, Leibniz Association and Max Planck Society—and represents 135,000 staff, has just issued a statement on solidarity with the sovereign State of Ukraine.

The G6 strongly condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It assures Ukraine of its full support and solidarity. The Russian act of war is a profound attack on the fundamental values of freedom, democracy and self-determination that underlie the principles of academic freedom, freedom of research and freedom for scientific cooperation.

Our organizations have a long tradition of diverse and productive scientific collaborations with Ukraine. Our Ukrainian partners have our full solidarity at this moment. We are determined to strengthen our contacts and cooperation at all levels and bring all the necessary support we can provide.

Against this background, the G6 members have frozen all forms of institutional scientific collaboration with Russia, refrain from initiating new ones and have cancelled all planned joint scientific events with Russian institutions. Meanwhile, Russian researchers working in our organizations will be able to continue their activities on the basis of shared European values, within the framework of legal regulations. G6 stands in solidarity with the numerous Russian scientists and citizens who have the courage to openly condemn this aggression.

The G6 organizations are aware of the harsh and deplorable consequences of these measures for scientific cooperation and the progress of science. Many long term research projects that were planned over several years are massively affected by the current situation. We live in an interlinked world where only by means of close international scientific cooperation the crises humanity is facing, such as climate change, species extinction or infectious diseases, can be overcome.

However, in this unprecedented situation, we see no alternative to a complete freeze of scientific interactions with Russian institutions for the time being.

We hope that Russia immediately ceases the hostilities and respects international law and human rights.

The G6 supports the measures announced by Commissioner Mariya Gabriel and encourages the European Commission to support Ukrainian researchers with fast-track funding schemes such as allowing fast hop-on opportunities to existing projects.