The Mission for the Monitoring of and Relations with CNRS Regional Offices and Institutes (MPR)

The MPR is a transversal steering support mission. Its projects and activities go further than the remits of the professional departments but are jointly steered with them or by coordinating the work of several departments - all with a view to facilitating the daily work of our laboratories and support functions. The Mission also leads and harmonises the networks of the CNRS Resources Office (DGDR) at the level of the regional offices and the Institutes.

The MPR is directed by Claire Werlen.


Support for steering the organisation

This support consists of structuring and monitoring several strategic areas by developing indicators for the annual reports of the CNRS Objectives and Performance Contract (COP), organising and monitoring the decisions taken by the Information Systems Evaluation Committee, monitoring the action plan and indicators associated with the European Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) and producing steering dashboards for the CNRS's regional representatives and general management.

Leading transversal DGDR networks

The MPR leads the network of regional delegates, their deputies and the Institutes' deputy administrative directors to enhance the coordination of these actors in their service to our laboratories. It also co-directs the regional offices' partnership and technology transfer departments (SPVs). It coordinates the work of the leaders of the 18 regional networks of laboratory administrative managers to ensure they are in constant touch with the laboratories' dynamics and concerns.

Piloting the CNRS's continuous improvement initiative (DAC)

This initiative particularly involves projects within the Institutes, functional departments and regional offices that promote transversality to simplify and streamline our operating methods. It is based on the coordination of the network of DAC coordinators in charge of rolling out the associated approach in their organisation or region. It is coordinated by the national DAC coordinator.

Running dematerialisation projects with the laboratories and regional offices

The MPR contributes to the creation of tools that make the life of our laboratories and support functions easier (missions, sharing the units' research contracts, electronic laboratory notebooks, etc.) through its steering of the USER FIRST project financed by the Fund for the Transformation of Public Action for the 2020-2023 period.

Support for research projects (Europe, ANR, PIA, FESI, etc.)

The important issues, challenges and complexity of project-based funding require this kind of support which involves implementing the right tools to set up, negotiate, monitor and report on European, national and regional projects. The MPR also supports such projects through its coordination of the partnership and technology transfer departments' work on national and European public research funding matters while also liaising with the other CNRS departments concerned to improve and simplify administrative practices.

Structuring administrative information and making it available

The MPR works with the CNRS's main management departments, Institutes and regional offices to ensure staff are provided with online administrative information that is up-to-date, easily accessible, structured and standardised. The prime access tools for this information are the national intranets and those of the Institutes and regional offices, Doc'utiles (the document repository: decisions, circulars, etc.) and the more recently created DU Portal which supports the work of our units' directors and management teams.

Steering the CNRS's initiative aimed at reducing its environmental impact

This approach led by the CNRS Scientific Office (DGDS) notably involves coordinating a Sustainable Development Committee, implementing a national roadmap and transition plan and leading a network of referents in regional offices and the Institutes. It is coordinated overall by the national sustainable development referent.


The MPR is directed by Claire Werlen and made up of 4 units: 

  • The DGDR sustainable development & networks unit
  • The support for steering unit
  • The projects and continuous improvement unit
  • The project-based research support unit