Launch of an Artificial Intelligence research programme jointly led by the CNRS, CEA and Inria


Major national research programme the Priority Research Programme and Equipment (PEPR) on Artificial Intelligence, aims to accelerate France's progress in the field of AI through three main research themes.

One of the objectives of the PEPR AI programme, jointly led by the CNRS, CEA and Inria, is to develop breakthrough technologies that will help position France and Europe as leaders in strategic AI fields. Its budget of 73 million euros over six years is funded by France 2030, as part of the national strategy for artificial intelligence.

"At the CNRS, we are convinced that fundamental research is one of the keys to progress at the service of society. Today's innovations are rooted in long-term research. By investing in basic research today, we are preparing the future of artificial intelligence and society as a whole. For us, AI is at the intersection of all disciplines. We believe that it will accelerate discoveries in all sciences and that it is essential to anticipate the impact of new approaches on our societies. I am convinced that, thanks to this programme, France will play a leading role in the development of artificial intelligence worldwide, on a path where the human being remains at the heart of the innovation objectives," declares Antoine Petit, Chairman and CEO of the CNRS.

This programme is structured around three major research topics, that correspond to the key issues surrounding AI and sovereignty:

  • Research on frugal AI and embedded AI aims to rationalize as much as possible the energy consumption of AI systems based on machine learning.
  • Research on trustworthy and distributed AI will advance the state of the art in terms of robustness, confidentiality, and system security.
  • Research on the mathematical foundations of artificial intelligence will stimulate the national mathematical sciences research ecosystem to build and analyze the foundations of AI systems.

Within these three major topics, nine projects have been identified with consultation of a committee of AI experts and with community input. These projects bring together more than 50 French teams all over the country to give a national impetus to the work promoted by PEPR.

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