Vivatech 2023: Full schedule for the Innovation and Prospective CNRS Talks


From June 14 to 17, 2023 in Paris, and for the fourth year in a row, the CNRS will showcase its Deeptech expertise at Vivatech, Europe's largest innovation show. The CNRS has scheduled Innovation and prospective CNRS Talks, featuring leading figures in research, start-up CEOs and pilots of Priority Research Programmes and Equipments (PEPR) to better understand the close link between research and innovation.

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Wednesday, June 14th

13h     Discussion between Alain Aspect, winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize for Physics, and Antoine Petit, CNRS Chairman and CEO

14h30  The promise of quantum technology

  • Tom Darras, CEO de Welinq
  • Maud Vinet, CEO de Siquance
  • Peter Rosenbusch, Head of Systems Engineering d'Exail 


17h    Presentation of CNRS Rise Up, the new offering from the CNRS

  • Jean-Luc Moullet, Deputy CEO for Innovation
  • Mehdi Gmar, Director of CNRS Innovation

  • Accounts of companies that emerged from laboratories under CNRS supervisory authority, including Tom Darras, CEO of Welinq

Thursday, June 15

11h      Deeptech: Market oriented support strategies

  • Mehdi Gmar, Director of CNRS Innovation

  • Catherine Guillemin, President of SATT SAYENS

  • Michel de Lempdes, Managing partner VC d'Omnes Capital 

13h         Recyclability and the circular economy: from respecting the environment to competitiveness

  • Jean-François Gérard, researcher, scientific manager of the Recyclability, Recycling, and Reincorporation of Recycled Materials PEPR

  • Raouf MEDIMAGH, CTO of the start-up Recyc’Elit

  • Romain Lecot, CEO of the start-up Cilkoa

  • Stephan Guignard, CEO of the start-up VH93

15h         How to decarbonize industry?

  • Fabrice Lemoine, researcher, scientific manager of the Decarbonization of Industry PEPR

  •  Patrick Peters, CEO of the start-up Spark Cleantech

  • Cyril Flores, President of the BORDET Groupe, partner of CarbioLab, an associated laboratory focusing on the production of highly technical activated carbon

Friday, June 16

10h30 Toward greater parity in deeptech

  • Amanda Silva Brun, CNRS researcher, co-founder of the start-ups EVerZom and Evora Biosciences

  •  Sophie Jullian, President of Pulsalys, the SATT for Lyon & St Etienne

  • Marjolaine Pierrat-Feraille, General Delegate of the federation Les Premières

13h         Bio-based chemistry for industry

  • Claude Grison, CNRS researcher, winner of the 2022 European Inventor Award, co-founder of the start-ups Bio’inspir and Laboratoires Bioprotection, specialist in green chemistry

  • Pierre Le Blainvaux, CEO of the start-up Bio’Inspir

15h        Innovating in the health sector

  • Magali Richard, CEO of the start-up One Biosciences

  • Aritz ZAMACOLA, CEO of the start-up Resolve Stroke

  • Jean-Guillaume LAFAY, CEO of the start-up Mablink Bioscience

  • Lise Alter, Managing Director of the Health Innovation Agency